( Platinum Driveline is the authorized Strategic Distribution Partner for Stabilus Lift Supports to the traditional aftermarket distribution channel )

Trust in the safest gas spring in the world

85 years of experience in development and manufacturing of gas springs and dampers


ØHidden features make our gas springs the safest in the world:
ØPrecisely controlled end-fitting attachment process
ØHighest surface qualities, inside and outside
ØCorrosion resistance guarantees the structural strength over lifetime
ØCarefully selected suppliers and materials ensure lowest gas loss over lifetime
ØInner pressures up to 30 times higher than in a truck tire  




POWERISE Automotive (Electromechanical Lift Supports)


The Automatic Hatch Opening and Closing System



 Stabilus offers the most comprehensive vehicle coverage for power liftgates. OEM replacements for major brands:


Ø Audi
Ø Cadillac
Ø Ford
Ø Mercedes
Ø Porsche
Ø Volkswagen
Ø Chevrolet Chrysler         

POWERISE® Automotive
Plug and Play Smart Technology for Installer


ØPlug and Play replacement for the professional installer or DIY.
ØSelf-contained assembly for easy and quick installation.

ØBall socket and ball stud connections provide a secure and connection that can easily be removed with a small screwdriver ØOEM wiring harness connector for easy disconnect and reconnection. 

What could be more important than safety?


Improperly Supported Hatches, Trunks and Hoods Can Cause Injury to Passengers

Universal Gas Springs


Universal Lift Supports replace worn out gas charged struts in many applications


Ø Tonneau covers
Ø Truck boxes
Ø Tool boxes
Ø Cabinets
Ø Desks
Ø Boats
Ø Trailers and more


                                                                        15,000 Gas Lift Support Applications                                                                          


 Value Proposition


ØCompany, Product and Engineering:

ØStabilus invented present day design Lift Supports.
ØStabilus has more engineering and production know how of the design and manufacture of lift supports than anyone in the industry.
ØStabilus has 95% of the OEM business in North America.
ØStabilus designs and manufactures 100% of their offering to an OEM  standard assuring OEM quality across the range.
ØStabilus has 1,941part numbers in the range with 22 numbers being released now and another 55 numbers to be released by the end of first quarter 2021 for unsurpassed “First to Market”. 
ØPOWERISE is the future for high profit sales of high ticket value lift supports.  Stabilus invented this product and is the leader in OEM and aftermarket giving Stabilus POWERISE customers and their customers a clear edge in this category.
ØStabilus is the undisputed choice of installers due to our OEM footprint and the advent of POWERISE.


Stabilus Innovates Others Copy!