Clutch Kits

Coverage includes:​ Standard-duty 5-piece premium clutch kits.​ Solid flywheel conversion kits.​ Heavy duty and high performance upgrade kits. ​ Diaphragm replacement kits for older lever style designs.​ ​ Features​ 5-piece clutch kit includes pressure plate, disc, release bearing, pilot bearing/bushing, alignment tool.​ Solid flywheel conversion kits are less expensive and offer better performance than the OE dual-mass flywheel.​ Upgrade kits exceed OE operating capacity and feature higher clamp load along with features such as ductile iron pressure plates and Kevlar or ceramic friction material.


Coverage includes:​ Solid flywheels for automotive applications.​ Solid flywheels for class 6-8 applications.​ Dual-mass flywheels.​ Solid flywheel replacements for OE dual-mass flywheels.​ ​ Features:​ Manufactured using proprietary Platinum Driveline tooling.​ Dynamically balanced to reduce vibration.​ Competitively priced versus the cost of resurfaced flywheels.​ No core investment required.​ Cataloging includes flywheel specifics.

Clutch Hydraulics

Coverage includes:​ Master cylinders and slave cylinders.​ Pre-filled master cylinders.​ Pre-filled hydraulic systems (includes the master/slave/hose) and may include (where applicable) a neutral safety switch, pulsation damper, or heat shield.​ Concentric slave cylinders (CSC) with and without the angular contact bearing.​ ​ Features​ Pre-filled hydraulics reduce installation times and warranty rates.​ CSC’s without the bearing reduce added cost (the bearing is included with the clutch kit.