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Premium Automotive Clutch Kits

Automotive Clutch Kits

Thank you for your interest in Platinum Driveline Clutch Kits, our specialty and primary focus.


  • We offer over 800 different clutch kits, covering nearly all makes and models
  • Our clutch kits are assembled and packaged in the United States, using only parts from the highest quality OEM and aftermarket manufacturers
  • All clutch parts are tested to the strictest OEM standards for fit and performance
  • Our clutch kits are installation-ready and include: pressure plate cover assembly, clutch disc , release bearing, alignment tool. Where applicable, pilot bearings and other parts are included
  • Our clutch kit box is designed to hold up throughout its use - from transport to installation. Most clutch kits are assembled in real time, which further ensures you receive an undamaged product


To order or learn more about our Clutch Kits, please Contact Us.


Automotive Clutch Kits

Clutch Kits

Automotive Clutch KitsWe offer premium automotive clutch kits for most applications, including racing and performance. All clutch kit parts are tested for OEM Fit and OEM Performance.


Automotive Clutch HydraulicsTo meet the complete needs of the clutch installer, we are happy to offer clutch hydraulics. Our clutch master cylinder and our clutch slave cylinders are manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM standards.


Automotive Flywheels

Our flywheels are designed to the same high standards we set for our clutches. We carry both solid flywheels and dual mass flywheels across most makes and models. 

Other Products

Automotive Clutch KitsWe aim to meet the full clutch and driveline needs of our distributors and clutch installers. If you have special needs that fall outside our existing product catalog, we may be able to help.